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Tarangire National Park is Tanzania’s sixth largest national park.

Seeking for Africa safari destination with the Out of Africa feel, diverse game, and less crowded with tourists?  Tarangire National Park is the hidden gem to visit in Tanzania.

Tarangire National park is most popular for its large herds of elephants all year round, beautiful baobab trees sceneries, and diverse bird species. Not to mention that it is also a mini wildlife migratory destination hub that hosts more than 200,000 wildlife species during the dry season.

Tarangire National park s name originates from permanent Tarangire river that snakes through the heart of the northern side of the park. Tarangire means the ‘river of warthogs’.

Location and size.
Tarangire National Park is found in Manyara Region in Northern Tanzania. It is approximately a short 2-hour drive from Arusha city. The 2,850km2 park was first declared a game reserve in 1957 and later a national park in 1970. Tarangire National Park is part of Northern Safari Circuit. It falls under the management of Tanzania National Parks Authority.

What are the major attractions at Tarangire National Park?
1. Beautiful sceneries of wildlife during game drives.

Tarangire National Park is home to different species of wild animals. Besides being famous for the large herds of up to 300 African bush elephants, the park provides excellent habitat for other animals including:

  • Herbivores- giraffes,buffalos, zebras, Cokes’s hartebeests ,Bohor reedbuck, among others.
  • Predators- lions,cheetahs,leopards,hyenas, wild dogs (rare), tree climbing pythons.
  • Over 500 bird species such as yellow- necked spurfow, hornbills, crested francolins,yellow- collared lovebirds, steppe eagles, among others.

2. Tarangire river.
Tarangire river is the lifeblood of many wildlife that migrate into the park during the dry seasons of the year (June to November). The river provides an excellent game viewing site for large herds of animals like zebras, wildebeest, elephants grazing and quenching their thirst. Tarangire National Park is a wildlife mini-migratory hub because of Tarangire river.

3.Walking Safaris.
Get the best nature walk experience as you explore Tarangire’s vegetation and landscapes. The walking safaris also allow you to get the best sightseeing experience of animals of Tarangire. Enjoy nature’s best gifts of the long elephant grass, acacia woodlands and a touch of the giant baobab trees that gives the park its life…

4. Tarangire National Park swamps.
Tarangire’s seasonal swamps are a must-visit places in the eastern and southern part of the park. They include Larmakau , Silale, and Gurusi, swamps. These swamps are habitat to various animals such as Silale swamp lions, African wild dogs,hippos and the tree climbing pythons.

Other tourist attractions at Tarangire National Park are:

  • Hot air balloon safaris.
  • Kolo ancient rock painting sites.
  • Fly camping activities courtesy of Oliver’s Camp.

When is the best time to visit Tarangire National Park?
The best time of the year to tour the park is during the dry season (June through to November). This is the season when you will get exceptional game viewing experience of the highest concentration of wildlife.

Tarangire National Park is an underrated and quiet national park to tour in your next holiday season. Get the closest view of the largest herds of African bush elephants, memorable birding activities, and appreciate the breathtaking sight of the ancient baobab trees.

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