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We strongly recommend you protect yourself with a short-term traveller’s insurance policy to cover baggage loss, accident, medical emergencies, and trip cancellation.

Issues/Complaints on Safari
Should there be any complaints while on safari, we recommend the clients to communicate the same immediately or as it happens, to your safari guide or your tour officer through telephone call or email for instant action and correction.
Limitations of Liability:
Umani Bliss Safaris , its Owners, Outfitters, Agents and Employees give notice that they act only as agent for the owners, contractors and suppliers providing means of transportation and/or all related travel services and assumes no responsibility whatsoever for injury, personal illness, loss or damage to person or property in connection with any service resulting directly from: Act of God, detention, annoyance, delays, expenses arising from quarantine, strikes, thefts, pilferage, force majeure.
While travelling in Africa please remember you are often in a developing nation. Infrastructure is not perfect and traffic moves at a much slower (often frustrating) pace. In East Africa, most of the people here speak English as a second or even third language. The best advice is to follow the lead of your professional tour guide.


  • Passport and photocopies.
  • Air tickets and vouchers.
  • Itinerary and travel / accommodation vouchers.
  • Travel insurance documentation.
  • Yellow Fever Inoculation certificate – if travelling East Africa, you need to have a yellow fever inoculation (no less than 10 days prior to travel) and will need to have a certificate/card as proof when entering the country.




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